A College Planning Council (CPC) appointed by President Muriel A. Howard is guiding the planning and implementation of the strategic plan. The CPC includes faculty, staff, student, and administrative representatives. It was charged with drafting key elements of the plan-strategic directions, initiatives, and action steps-and ways to evaluate successful implementation.

All faculty, staff, and administrative CPC members agreed to serve renewable five-year terms on the council. Student members remain on the council through their graduation.

Spring 2006 Report (pdf, 38kb)

Strategic Plan 2003-2008 Briefing Session: Spring 2006 (ppt, 193kb)


  • Construct timeline for overall process.
  • Develop planning assumptions to guide the process.
  • Establish communication protocol and expectations for the College Planning Council and ad hoc planning task forces throughout the process.
  • Monitor the work of ad hoc planning task forces and review task force reports and recommendations.
  • Assist in setting agendas for key events (e.g., stakeholders conferences, mid-year retreat, follow-up conferences).
  • Assist in developing content and language for key elements of draft strategic plan.
  • Assist in evaluating and incorporating stakeholders' comments into planning documents where appropriate.
  • Develop strategy and methodology for successful implementation and evaluation of final plan.
  • Periodically review progress toward goals.


Advisory council to the president.

Meeting schedule

Monthly, as work plan requires.


President or provost as proxy.

CPC Leadership

Muriel A. Howard, President
Dennis K. Ponton, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs