The College Planning Council appointed five task forces composed of faculty and staff that focused on Strategic Direction I: Quality Learning Experiences. They are:

Task Force I: Academic Challenge

How to create high expectations for student performance and program rigor.

Paul G. Theobald, Woods-Beals Endowed Chair and Professor,
Center for Excellence in Urban and Rural Education, Chair

George T. Hole, Chair and Distiguished Teaching Professor,
Philosophy and Humanities

Elizabeth S. Pena, Director,
Art Conservation

Barbara J. Dray, Assistant Professor,
Exceptional Education

Susan E. McMillen, Associate Professor,

Howard M. Reid, Professor,

Elizabeth Szockyj, Chair and Associate Professor,
Criminal Justice

Constance D. Qualls, Chair and Professor,
Speech-Language Pathology

Al F. Riess, Librarian
E.H. Butler Library

Anthony J.W. Chase, Assistant to the Dean
School of Arts and Humanities

Andrea Guiati, Professor and Director of the Honors Program,
Modern and Classical Languages

Lori V. Quigley, Associate Dean,
School of Education

Task Force II: Active and Collaborative Learning

How to increase student involvement in learning/encourage varied pedagogical strategies.

Susan M. Leist, Professor and Writing Program Director,
English, Co-chair

Karen O'Quin, Associate Dean,
School of Natural and Social Sciences, Co-chair

Ralph L. Wahlstrom, Chair and Associate Professor,

Katherine B. Hartman, Associate Professor,
Art Education

Pixita M. del Prado Hill, Assistant Professor,
Elementary Education and Reading

Kevin J. Miller, Assistant Professor,
Exceptional Education

Cynthia A. Conides, Associate Professor,
History and Social Studies

Cheryl M. Albers, Associate Professor,

Sarbani Banerjee, Associate Professor,
Computer Information Systems

Douglas G. Koritz, Assistant Dean, Intellectual Foundations,
University College

Melaine C. Kenyon, Associate Director, Instructional Technology,
Instructional Resources

Sarah M. Velez, Associate Director,
Student Life Office

Timothy R. Ecklund, Associate VP for Campus Life,
Residence Life Office

Task Force III: Student-Faculty Interaction

How to better connect students with faculty/staff.

Roswell Park IV, Director,
Academic Support Programs, Chair

Ann C. Colley, Professor,

Deborah A. Silverman, Assistant Professor,

Dennis G. Mike, Associate Professor,
Elementary Education and Reading

Raquel J. Schmidt, Associate Professor,
Exceptional Education

Jean E. Richardson, Associate Professor,
History and Social Studies

Ron Stewart, Professor,

Richard J. Herdlein, Chair and Associate Professor,
Student Personnel Administration

S. Diane McFarland, Assistant Professor,

Donna J. Davidoff, Associate Librarian,
E.H. Butler Library

Jude A. Jayatilleke, Academic Advisor,
Educational Opportunity Program

Heather D. Maldonado, Assistant to the Dean,
Academic Standards Office

Jerry S. Boyes, Director,
Intercollegiate Athletics

Maryruth F. Glogowski, Associate VP,
Library and Instructional Tech., E.H. Butler Library

Task Force IV: Enriching Educational Experiences

How to imbed "integrating inquiry and action" and diversity into the curriculum, co-curricular activities and the culture.

Scott L. Johnson, Interim Dean,
University College, Co-chair

Wende A. Mix, Associate Professor,
Geography and Planning, Co-chair

Kimberly A. Blessing, Assistant Professor,
Philosophy and Humanities

Jennifer D. Ryan, Assistant Professor,

Nancy A. Chicola, Associate Professor,
Elementary Education and Reading

Satasha L. Green, Assistant Professor,
Exceptional Education

Gary S. Welborn, Associate Professor,

Kevin F. Mulcahy, Chair and Associate Professor,
Hospitality and Tourism

Daniel M. DiLandro, College Archivist,
E.H. Butler Library

Maria B. Brickhouse, Coordinator, Academic Resource Center,
Educational Opportunity Program

Charles B. Kenyon, Associate VP/Dean of Students,
Dean of Students Office

Kevin Railey, Associate Provost and Dean,
Graduate School

Task Force V: Supportive Campus Environment

How to enhance support services, facilities and learning environment.

Maureen A. Lindstrom, Associate Director, Information Commons,
E.H. Butler Library, Chair

Andrew J. Kahn, Associate Professor,

Jason D. Grinnell, Assistant Professor,
Philosophy and Humanities

Betty J. Cappella, Distinguished Service Professor,
Educational Foundations

Michaelene M. Meger, Associate Professor,
Exceptional Education

Ted P. Schmidt, Chair and Associate Professor,
Economics and Finance

Tejaswini Rao, Associate Professor and DPD Program Director,
Dietetics and Nutrition

Samuel Lunetta, University Police Officer 2,
University Police

Lily M. Bink, Interim Associate Director,
Educational Opportunity Program

Meg A. Stevens, Lacrosse Coach, Champs Coordinator,
Intercollegiate Athletics

Joseph W.  Ball, Associate Director,
Campus Services

Rita M. Zientek, Associate Dean,
School of the Professions

Kimberly J. Jackson, Director, Enrollment Services,
Graduate School

Don F. Erwin, Associate Vice President,
Information Services and Systems

Task Force Report Suggestions - December 2007