Implementation of the 2009 – 2013 Strategic Plan

Five strategic directions provide the structural basis for the 2009 - 2013 Strategic Plan.  A number of initiatives within a specific direction comprise the framework for actions.  The College Planning Council (CPC) will prioritize and identify further courses of action.  The initiative actions are not meant to be final at this time. 

Responsibility for achieving plan strategic directions resides in the campus community with leadership for initiatives to be assigned to the provost or vice presidents.  The time frame for implementation and milestones of progress will be determined for each initiative in consultation with the College Planning Council and in view of fiscal conditions.

A number of key performance indicators accompany each initiative.  These will be used to monitor annual progress and evaluate plan outcomes after five years.  Metrics for some key performance indicators will be a number defining item status at a point in time, while other metrics define a desired goal.  Buffalo State has developed a dashboard system for continual monitoring of strategic plan directions in relation to key performance indicators.  The dashboard supports decision-making and is readily available to the campus community. 

Budgetary implications of each initiative are projected using one $ to five $$$$$.  One $ translates to minimal if any new funding required (but suggests continuation of existing expenses) while five $$$$$ indicates significant new resources are needed to support goals of the initiative.

The College Planning Council will continue as the primary monitoring and advisory entity for the strategic plan.  CPC consists of approximately 50 members of the campus community representing all constituencies.  Over the next five years, CPC will:
  • Establish standing oversight groups headed by a CPC member to develop and monitor implementation steps and final key performance indicators for an initiative or for a strategic direction.
  • Monitor strategic plan progress and provide feedback to the campus community.
  • Prepare an annual report on strategic plan progress.
  • Serve as a representative campus group to link planning with budget.