Strategic Direction 4: Strengthen programs and activities that distinguish the college.


Initiative 4.1: Become nationally recognized for a visible commitment to diversity of thought, experience, and values.



  • Provide faculty and staff development to facilitate the infusion of diversity and global issues into coursework and out-of-class experiences.
  • Increase the number of students who have in- and out-of-class experiences with diverse peoples and communities throughout the world.
  • Expand international and multicultural aspects of the curriculum in each academic discipline.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse population of faculty, staff and students.
  • Include in annual reports departmental and program activities and outcomes for students related to diversity and global issues.
  • Strengthen regional leadership in equity and campus diversity.

 Key Performance Indicators:

  • The mean score for seniors on diversity items in NSSE will increase by 5 percent.
  • The number of students having experiences with diverse peoples and communities will increase.
  • Annual recognition and citations resulting from the college’s diversity initiatives will increase.
  • Annual reports will include activities and outcomes for students related to diversity and global issues.

 Budgetary Implications: $$$


Initiative 4.2: Become recognized as a regional, state, national and international leader in arts and culture.



  • Enhance the perception of excellence of contributions to the arts and culture through expansion and promotion of students and faculty in on-campus events, and regional, state, national and international venues of creative expression.
  • Advance recognition nationally and internationally of Buffalo State’s leadership in creative expression and cultural programming through exemplary collaborations with regional schools and institutions.
  • Expand mutually beneficial partnerships with regional, national and international museums and cultural institutions.
  • Become a national model for the integration of the resources of local art museums and the academic programs of a university.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • The number of faculty and students participating in exhibitions, performances, publications and presentations in regional, national and international venues will increase, as will the number of students participating in the annual campus Student Research and Creativity Celebration.
  • There will be a heightened perception of excellence assessed through the amount of publicity and the number of awards and other recognitions of Buffalo State’s contributions to arts and culture (determined, for example, through College Relations reporting, faculty annual reports, department chair reports, and marketing/branding surveys).
  • National and international partnerships with museums and cultural institutions will increase.

Budgetary Implications: $$

Initiative 4.3: Support distinctive activities and themes for which the college will be widely known and admired.



  • Align curriculum with horizontal distinctiveness theme of "Integrating Inquiry into Action."
  • Engage campus in the promotion of greater understanding of regional and American/Canadian relationships.
  • Use alumni experts and community advisory boards to support distinctive curriculum development.
  • Support and market distinctiveness initiatives, making them a part of the Buffalo State brand.

 Key Performance Indicators:

  • The campus will be engaged fully in the Bicentennial Celebration of the War of 1812 and other American/Canadian cultural initiatives.
  • Recognition for distinctiveness in at least five academic disciplines or clusters will be obtained.
  • Distinctiveness initiatives will be marketed and recognized as part of the Buffalo State brand.

Budgetary Implications: $$$$