Strategic Direction 5: Promote representative and inclusive governance and superior service to the campus community.


Initiative 5.1:  Improve institutional leadership, management and shared governance.



  • Strengthen the organizational and leadership skills of department chairs, program managers, and governance leaders.
  • Expand faculty, staff, and student leadership opportunities.
  • Develop and implement strategies to explore, define, and support shared governance.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive professional development program for all faculty and staff.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • The number of college employees and students participating in leadership opportunities and leadership and professional development programs will increase.
  • The number of students in the leadership minor will increase.
  • Multiple assessment measures, such as self-reports, increases in engagement, achievement of campus goals, and successful problem-solving, will be incorporated into professional and leadership development.
  • Leadership opportunities, through such activities as strategic planning implementation, committee assignments and pertinent campus-wide problem-solving, will be provided.
  • Strategies for defining and supporting shared governance will be implemented.
  • A comprehensive professional development program for faculty and staff will be in place.
  • Faculty and staff seeking elected positions with the College Senate and leadership positions in the college will increase.

 Budgetary Implications: $$


Initiative 5.2: Enhance the effectiveness and responsiveness of administrative operations.



  • Use integrated assessment, planning, and resource allocation to enhance institutional and unit effectiveness.
  • Develop a dashboard approach to reporting accomplishments and accountability measures.
  • Strengthen and leverage the use of the Internet and the Web to improve the efficiency of the campus.
  • Implement a real-time undergraduate and graduate online catalog.
  • Assure efficient operation of graduate admissions processing, record-keeping and graduation reviews.
  • Continue commitment to emergency preparedness planning and training.
  • Pursue and commit to Green Campus initiatives.
  • Improve the safety and promote the perception of safety on campus.
  • Make institutional policies more widely available to the campus and update as changes occur.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Dashboards will be used to verify assessment of continuous improvement in the relevant institutional and vice-presidential area goals.
  • Funding for college operations from all revenue sources will increase.
  • Satisfaction with ability to access and use information for administrative and academic purposes, such as the real-time online catalog, policies, assessment of projects and initiatives, research, etc. will improve.
  • As indicated by surveys, graduate student satisfaction with the Graduate School’s admissions processing, record-keeping, and graduation reviews will improve.
  • The communication stream and transaction capability on the Web will be demonstrably increased.
  • The perception of the college by external constituents will improve.
  • A commitment to Green Campus initiatives will be evidenced.
  • Marketing and branding perceptions of campus safety will demonstrate improvement.
  • Policies will be available and current through the online version of the Directory of Policy Statements (DOPS).

Budgetary Implications: $$$$