There is no uniform attendance policy set by the college. Attendance regulations are established by each instructor and will be distributed at the start of each semester.

Leave of Absence, Medical Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from College
The Undergraduate Application for Leave of Absence/Withdrawal from College form can be obtained in the Academic Advisement Center, South Wing 100/110, (716) 878-5223, or in the student's academic department office. Students in a major should begin the application process by conferring with their department chair. Undeclared students should meet with the coordinator of the Academic Advisement Office.

Refunds of tuition, if applicable, will be made on a prorated basis as outlined in the class schedule for that semester. Financial aid recipients who withdraw or take a leave of absence may owe a refund of aid they received for the semester. For additional information about financial aid, refer to the financial aid section of this catalog or:

Medical Leave of Absence
Medical leaves of absence of varying lengths of time are granted for documented serious injury or illness. After obtaining a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form, students requesting a medical leave of absence should report to the Weigel Health Center. To receive a medical leave of absence, students must complete the form and provide a physician's statement that includes the specific semester(s) for which the leave is being requested, diagnosis/reason for the leave request, and a recommendation from the physician that the medical leave be granted.

Leave of Absence
Matriculated students who wish to leave the college for personal or financial reasons may be granted leaves of absence of two full years (four fall/spring semesters) beyond the semester in which they were last registered, as long as they are in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.0. A leave will not be granted to study at another college or university.

An application for a leave during a semester already in progress must be received in the Registrar's Office, Moot Hall, no later than the last working day before the Critique and Evaluation period.  Note: Deadline is now the same as Withdrawal from College. 

These approved leaves will begin at the date the request is received in the Registrar's Office.

Withdrawal from College
To maintain good academic standing and eligibility for readmission to the college, students finding it necessary to withdraw must do so officially. Failure to file for withdrawal will result in the recording of an E grade in each course in which the student is registered. When it is impossible to withdraw in person, it must be done in writing from the student to the dean. Students withdrawing officially with no outstanding obligations or commitments to the college are considered to be in good academic standing.

The chair and associate dean must sign the Withdrawal from College form. A request to withdraw from the college must be received in the Registrar's Office, Moot Hall, no later than the last working day before the critique and evaluation period.

Withdrawal from Courses
Instructors are required to notify students of their academic standing no later than the end of the ninth week of the semester, or after two-thirds of a summer session or intersemester. If a student does not officially withdraw from a course and stops attending, a grade of E will be recorded.

Students who wish to leave a course after the drop/add period and before the final withdrawal date (the end of the 10th week of the semester, or after two-thirds of a summer session or intersemester) may file withdrawal forms signed by the appropriate instructor or designee. Nonattendance at the first class meeting does not withdraw a student from a class.

Students withdrawing from some coursework may be eligible for a refund in accordance with the college refund schedule, which is published each term in the course schedule. Beyond the end of the refund schedule's time limit, full charges are assessed. Student-teaching courses have different deadlines. Students should check with their departments.

Withdrawals remain on the transcript and are recorded as W's but do not count in credit hours or GPAs. Withdrawal from a course may affect eligibility for financial aid in the current semester and in future semesters. For additional information about financial aid eligibility, refer to the financial aid section of this catalog, or online at