Assessment in Major Programs

BSC provides quality undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts, business, communication, education, health and human services, the sciences and technologies.  Every department engages in assessment activities to measure and benchmark quality as part of either accreditation review or a 5 year internal/external review process.

BSC actively monitors and supports student progress toward education and career goals and institutional success through assessment in all areas of the college.

Assessment in major programs is guided by each program’s assessment plan.  Assessment plans/activities are submitted to the academic Dean to ensure compliance. 

Reports detailing assessment activities/results/responses are included in department annual reports. All assessment plans include:

  1. Clear delineation of programs goals and objectives.

  2. Activities/courses in program that relate to and result in achievement of goals and objectives.

  3. Measures and criteria utilized in determining the degree to which students are achieving goals/objectives.

  4. Realistic timetable.

  5. Process/procedures for making changes if suggested by assessment results.