President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

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Most institutions of higher education value effective teaching and consider it to be a criteria for continued employment and promotion. Few institutions, however, have local mechanisms to recognize and reward the professor who consistently demonstrates excellence in teaching and classroom management.  Effective teaching should be publicly recognized and rewarded; and, thus, the overall objective of the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching will be to publicly acknowledge and reward those individuals who consistently demonstrate effective teaching.


  1. Teaching Performance
    Evidence of effective teaching may come from the observations of fellow professionals, department chairperson, and dean as well as student evaluations.  This should include demonstration of effective teaching techniques and classroom innovation.
  2. Scholarship and Professional Development
    The nominator should present evidence of involvement in professional activities on the local, state, and/or national level.  Such involvement might be research, regular reading of professional publications, and attendance at professional meetings.
  3. Student Performance and Growth
    There should be evidence that former students have been successful in their subsequent academic and professional careers, have utilized the information or techniques presented by the nominee, and/or are involved with their profession through scholarship or service.
  4. Student Service
    There should be evidence that the nominee has involvement with students outside of the classroom on an ongoing basis, i.e., leading discussion groups, advising student clubs, and/or working with small groups of students on a regular basis.
  5. Professional Service
    There should be evidence of leadership, committee work, and other initiatives that support the activities of teaching and student growth.

A committee composed of five teaching faculty and five undergraduate students appointed by the provost and vice president for academic affairs will solicit and evaluate candidates’ credentials.  That committee will make recommendations to the provost and vice president for academic affairs.  As many as four full-time faculty may be selected in any one academic year.

Individual faculty may apply for the award, or faculty members may be nominated by their respective departments with the consent of the faculty member being nominated.   Nominations may also arise from students.  Nominees must have been full-time teaching faculty members for two years prior to the nomination.  Nominated individuals must have the support of their respective department chairperson and dean.

Data provided should include but not be limited to:

  1. Nomination form 
  2. A current vita detailing candidate’s teaching career.
  3. Letters of support from the department chairperson and dean.
  4. Support from colleagues (at least three letters).
  5. Support from students (no more than five letters).
  6. Summary of departmentally administered student course evaluations for all courses taught in the past two years.

The committee will examine applicant support files for evidence of quality and comprehensiveness.  It is expected that support files will be complete and not contain unnecessary documents or other materials.