VI. Personnel Policies

VI:01:00 Affirmative Action

VI:01:01 Non-Discrimination Policy for Veterans

VI:01:02 Sexual Harassment

VI:01:03 Consensual Sexual and Amorous Relations

VI:01:04 Handicapped Individuals

VI:01:05 Affirmative Action Grievance Procedure

VI:02:00 New Appointments Procedure

VI:02:01 Searches

VI:02:02 Employment Verification

VI:02:03 Oath of Office and Public Officer Law

VI:02:04 Appointment of Part-Time Faculty

VI:03:00 Procedure for Renewal of Term Appointment and Continuing Appointment

VI:04:00 Procedures for Promotion of Faculty

VI:04:01 Policy Guidelines for Promotion

VI:04:04 Guidelines for Documentation of Teaching Effectiveness

VI:04:05 Supplemental Policy on Scholarship Encompassing Applied Research and Scholarship of Teaching

VI:04:06 Salary Increases for Faculty Promotions

VI:05:00 Promotion of Professional Employees

VI:06:00 Policy on Discretionary Salary Adjustments

VI:06:01 UUP Discretionary Salary Increase Procedure

VI:07:00 Guidelines for "Extra Service" Compensation

VI:08:00 Duties and Responsibilities of Department Chairs

VI:09:00 Guidelines for Evaluation of Campus Presidents

VI:10:00 Guidelines for Evaluation of Campus Deans

VI:11:00 Graduate Faculty

VI:12:00 Sabbatical Leaves

VI:13:00 Military Leave

VI:14:00 Emeritus Status

VI:15:00 Faculty/Staff Awards

VI:15:01 Buffalo State College Presidents' Awards

VI:15:02 SUNY Chancellors' Awards

VI:15:03 SUNY Distinguished Faculty Rank Awards

VI:16:00 Duties and Responsibilities of Graduate Assistants

VI:17:00 Temporary Service - Non-Instructional Uses

VI:18:00 Policy Concerning U.S. Immigration Status

VI:19:00 Faculty Utilization of Secretarial Services

VI:20:00 Confidentiality of Employee Data

VI:21:00 Record Keeping Policy

VI:21:01 Maintaining the Security, Confidentiality, Integrity of Customer Information

VI:21:02 Employee Guidelines for Securing Information

VI:22:00 Receipt of Legal Papers Served on the College

VI:23:00 Faculty Roles and Obligations

VI:24:00 Compensatory Time/Professional Service

VI:25:00 Adjunct Status Procedure

VI:26:00 Secondary Appointments

VI:27:00 Re-Employment of Retired NYS Public Employees

VI:28:00 Notification Procedures - Death of an Employee

VI:29:00 NYS/UUP Programs

VI:30:00 Roles of College Deans

VI:31:00 Guidelines for Personnel Reviews

VI:32:00 New York State Public Integrity Law

VI:33:00 Other Personnel Policies

Other Personnel Policies may be found in the Handbook for Faculty and Librarians or the Human Resource Management Procedures Manual. Personnel Policies that are part of the Agreement between the State of New York and United University Professions, Inc., are summarized in the Handbook for Faculty and Librarians. Personnel Policies that are part of the Policies of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York are summarized in the Handbook for Faculty and Librarians. Policies or summaries of policies that may be found in the Handbook for Faculty and Librarians or the Human Resource Management Procedures Manual are:

Faculty Ranks
Faculty Evaluation
Officer in Charge
Summer Sessions
Grievance Procedures
Notice of Non-Renewal
Obligations and Responsibilities of Faculty
Personal Files
Transfer Rights
Prior Service Credit
Renewal of Term and Continuing Appointments
Termination of Service
Professional and MC Performance Program