Export Controls and Research - Sponsored and Unsponsored

 Sponsored Research:

Overview:  Grants and contracts are made to institutions rather than to individuals. Thus, it is the responsibility of the Research Foundation of SUNY/Buffalo State College to ensure that all research conducted under its auspices is carried out in such a manner that the rights and welfare of human and animal subjects, society, the environment and researchers are protected, and that research activities are in compliance with all applicable State and Federal regulations. The policies and procedures adopted by the Research Foundation of SUNY/Buffalo State College to ensure research safety and compliance are designed to meet the above objectives. Activities defined as "under the auspices of the college" include activities conducted as part of college employment, as part of course credit or fulfillment of a degree requirement, activities involving use of college resources, or involving publication that credits college affiliation.

Export Control Review:  In order to facilitate compliance with federal regulations regarding the control of exports, The Research Foundation of SUNY at Buffalo State College requires that all employees who are seeking external funding for sponsored programs, or who are seeking Research Foundation funding for travel or projects, must complete a web-based export controls evaluation and follow all applicable procedures. If the evaluation results indicate the possibility that an export control license may be required, the employee shall work with the Research Foundation Campus Export Controls Officer to complete the license review and, if needed, the licensing process.

Key Contact:  For information involving Export Controls, please contact Linda Dubrawsky, Director of Finance and Grants Management

Additional Information:

Unsponsored Research:

Overview:  Scholarship, research, and creative activities that are “unsponsored” or funded by other entities than the Research Foundation may also be subject to export controls.  Such activities are often initiated through more informal means and are not reviewed or managed through the Research Foundation of SUNY. 

Export Control Review:  In order to identify potential export control issues related to unsponsored research, Buffalo State has implemented a number of processes, including distribution of an annual export control survey to key departments.  The survey is part of Buffalo State’s export compliance program and seeks to identify potential export control issues for planned or future research and scholarship activities not managed through the Research Foundation of SUNY.  A copy of the questionnaire is available in the Faculty Questionaire section

Key Contact:  Questions concerning the applicability of export controls to unsponsored research should be directed to Dr. Kevin Railey.