Anonymous comments: Difficulties in relation to the Award Packages 

 Describe some of the difficulties you experienced.

  1. (Award winner) My nomination stimulated discussion about the role of the personnel committee in selecting award recipients.  Although that is not a requirement of the Chancellor’s Award, I found myself in the midst of these discussions.  My happy and excited feelings of being nominated turned sour as I felt like I had to be on the defensive. 
  2. (Award winner) My first submission was not successful like many others who have gone up before me.  After finding out that I did not receive the award, many across campus suggested that I resubmit my package again, with some modifications.  My motivation for the second submission was different from the first time:  the second submission was a way for me to prove that I was in fact deserving of the award, and I did receive it the second time.
  3. (Award winner) I felt discouraged since a previous attempt had not worked and had left me feeling discouraged, even to the point of not wanting to try because the frustration was hurting.  My nominator encouraged me to persist.  This kind of outreach to a colleague cannot be underestimated.
  4. (Nominator) The nomination was to be put together by two of us.  However, for many reasons, the other person just didn’t follow through on responsibilities, so I wound up doing it alone.  That taught me that you need to really know the person(s) who you invite to work on a nomination.  The timelines are tight; if you get behind, the end becomes very hectic.
  5. (Nominator)  I selected a stellar person who was in jeopardy of losing his job.  I chose to pursue the award nomination to illustrate how much he contributed to our campus.  It was meaningful to him, to our department, and to me.

Describe some of the help you received.

  1. My nominator is a person who recognized my accomplishments and believed in me. The award would not have been realized if she had not chosen to involve herself. She worked with me to create a better structured Curriculum Vitae, and even worked on it herself. This revision was most important.
  2. My nominator worked strategically and never lost touch with the SUNY committee chair and other colleagues to make sure the nomination was progressing, had taken the correct form, emphasized the most appropriate accomplishments, and was surviving, right down to the last minute. She nudged people on campus to submit the materials and created a hard-working team. As a result of all of this, the award happened.