What is ANGEL?

ANGEL is the Buffalo State College web-based learning management system. Many, but not all, classes use ANGEL.

BSC is currently on ANGEL version 7.3.

Who Can Use ANGEL?

All Buffalo State students receive an ANGEL account within two business days of registering for a class in Banner. Faculty receive an ANGEL account once Banner lists them, with a valid BSC e-mail address, as the instructor of record for a course. 

How Do Students Get Started?

To logon to ANGEL use your Buffalo State College username and password - the same username and password that you use to check your campus e-mail and to logon to campus computers. Do NOT use your Banner User ID! Once you logon, you will see your ANGEL homepage. If your instructors use ANGEL, you will see those classes listed under "Courses".

How Do Faculty Get Started?

Faculty interested in using ANGEL are encouraged to attend an ANGEL training session. Register using the CyberQuad Registration System. Manuals and directions on how to use ANGEL features are provided on the ANGEL Faculty Resourses page

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Recommended Browsers

Internet Explorer 7.x and Firefox 3+

Firefox 3+

Do NOT use Safari or Chrome - they are not compatible with ANGEL.