The institutional budget process for Buffalo State’s Core Instructional Budget (State Purpose Fund accounts) is administered annually during the spring semester and uses files resident on shared drives on the campus server.  After initial budget allocations are established in the annual budget process, the SMRT Application can be used by department chairpersons or directors throughout the year to monitor financial activity at the account level.    

The Budget Development Process for 2013/14 core operations will adopt a "maintenance of effort" approach to establish departmental funding allocations for July 1, 2013. This plan will incorporate the prior year base budget inclusive of any permanent reallocations for Temporary Service (TS) and/or Other-Than-Personal-Service (OTPS), as well as updated Personal Service (PS) allocations.

Additional information will be shared with budget process participants.

The schedule for future workshops is under review. Please contact the Budget Office if you would like information about group or individual training.