The following terms may be found on Budget Office forms.

Budget Office Forms

Glossary of Terms

Account Title – The title of the account to which the position resource is or will be budgeted.  This is often the same as the Department, but can be different.

Account Number – The eight digit number is associated with the Account Title.  This is where the position resource is or will be budgeted.  Account number format is XXXXXX-YY where XXXXXX is the account number and YY is the sub-account number. If the position will be distributed to more than one account, please specify.

Annual Salary Rate – All Civil Service and SUNY positions have defined salary schedules with minimum and maximum salaries for the salary grade.  An annual salary rate must equal or exceed the minimum salary rate for the budgeted position title and salary grade.

Anticipated Hire Date – The requested effective date for a new hire.

Budgetary Category – Buffalo State allocation is divided into major classifications or objects of expenditure. These categories are Personal Service Regular (PSR), Temporary Service (TS) and Other Than Personal Service (OTPS).

Budgetary Object Code – The four digit code that is associated with the budgetary category.                                              

Budget Title – All positions have official budget titles and associated salary ranks.  If unsure of current status, please contact the Budget Office (ext. 4312).  If a new position is being established, please contact the Office of Human Resource Management (ext. 4821) to ensure appropriate title and rank is selected based on the job description for the position.

Department – The primary program area with which the appointed employee will be affiliated.

FTEFull-Time-Equivalent describes the position’s percentage of time.  Full-time positions are budgeted at 1.0 FTE.  Half-time positions are budgeted at .5 FTE.

Line Number – This is a unique five-digit identifier for the position.  Only one person may be paid from a Line Number on any given state payroll.

Local Title – Occasionally the position’s Budget Title may be deemed insufficient to describe a specific scope of position responsibilities.  In such instances a Local Title may also be specified.

Obligation – A position may be filled with an incumbent whose annual service obligation is for twelve months (Calendar Year), for the academic year (Academic Year), or for a period of time less than twelve months (College Year).  Different salary schedules may apply and position resources may be affected. 

Permanent Adjustment – This budget adjustment is processed on a permanent basis and the adjustment will be incorporated into the current and following fiscal year departmental budget allocation.

Personal Service Regular (PSR) – The budgetary category refers to resources that are allocated for positions with an Annual Salary Rate (ASR).

Position – Budgeted only in the Personal Service category, a position is established with permanent resources, paid using an Annual Salary rate basis only, and is of a continuing nature.

Reallocation of Funds – Also called a “budget transfer,” reallocations move budgeted funds between categories of allocation e.g., from OTPS to Temporary Service (TS), within a fund.

Recharges – This budgetary category refers to active resources that are allocated for non-salary expenditures at Buffalo State. This would include storehouse supplies, telephone, postage, and duplicating. These categories are included in (OTPS).

Salary Rank/Grade – The Salary Rank or Grade is determined by choice of Budget Title.

State Funds – There are four distinct types of State Funds: State Operating (Revenue Offset Fund), Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR), Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable (DIFR), and State University Tuition Reimbursable (SUTRA).

Temporary Adjustment – This budget adjustment is processed on a temporary basis and the adjustment will be incorporated only within the current fiscal year departmental budget allocation.

Temporary Service (TS) – The budgetary category refers to resources are allocated for positions with a short-term duration.