The Position Release Form is used tos secure all requisite approvals to commence the hiring process for a position funded by Personal Service budgetary resources.

This form is an electronic form in MS Word format. Please do not alter the format when circulating the form electronically for approvals or upon submission to the Budget Office.

The purpose of the Position Release Form is to identify, request, and approve use of continuing resources for an appointment to a position on a state payroll. Appointments to state payroll include resources in the following funds: Income Offset Fund, (previously referred to as State Purpose), Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable (DIFR), Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR), or State University Tuition Reimbursable Account (SUTRA).


  1. Please access the Position Release Form from the website.
  2. Save the form to a personal computer drive.
  3. Type in all data elements in the 'Current Status' column on the form.
  4. Type in all data elements in the 'Targeted Stattus' column. However, if the data elements in the 'Current Status' column have not changed, please check the corresponding box in the 'Targeted Status' column. Please indicate the 'Annual Salary Rate' amount and 'Anticipated Hire Date' in the 'Targeted Status column (see example here).
  5. The electronic document includes imbedded "help" information for each field as well as field definitions using the F1 key located on the keyboard.
  6. A Glossary of terms can be found on this website which defines the data elements.
  7. A Position Release Form is initiated by a department chair/director and is sent to the next-level reviewer via e-mail. When approved, the division executive (president, provost/vice president/chief information officer) forwards the Position Release form via email to the Budget Office e-mail address at: budgetoffice@buffalostate.edu.
  8. When the Budget Office completes its review, an approved document will be sent to all appropriate parties.
  9. The approved Position Release form is valid for 12 months for non-instructional positions and 18 months for instructional positions.



Please email the Budget Office at budgetoffice@buffalostate.edu or call ext. 4312 with any questions.