The Reassignment of Funds Form is used to reallocate available budgetary resources within, between, or among, account(s) on a temporary or permanent basis. A reallocation of resources can be transacted only within the same fund (see Glossary of Terms). Please contact the Budget Office if your question concerns multiple funds.

This form is an electronic form in MS Excel format. Please do not alter the format when circulating the form electronically for approvals or upon final electronic submission to the Budget Office.

The purpose of the Reassignment of Funds form is to align your annual allocation with your planned expenditures in a current or future fiscal year. 


  1. Account balances should be checked before submitting the Reassignment of Funds form.
  2. Budgetary allocations can be reallocated only within a single fund.
  3. Type in the department name, the eight digit (XXXXXX-XX) account number, use the drop-down menu to select the budget category, and enter the desired amount in the decrease section on the form.
  4. Follow Step 3 to complete the increase section.
  5. If needed, up to eight (8) debits and credits can be entered on the form.
  6. Total Decrease amount must equal the Total Increase amount and amounts must be entered in whole dollars. 
  7. Use the drop-down menu to select the reason for the Reassignment of Funds. 
  8. If necessary include a brief description for the change in the Other/Additional Reason section on the form. 
  9. Use the drop-down menus to select the appropriate fiscal year and if budget transfer request is a Temporary or Permanent adjustment. 
  10. The primary account manager must type in their name and date the form. Delegates should include their initials after named primary when submitting this form on behalf of the primary account manager. Typing your name in this space constitutes an official signature.
  11. Permanent reallocations which include more than one Department, Dean, or Executive area require 2nd approval.
  12. Submit the completed signed form as an e-mail attachment to the budget office e-mail address budgetoffice@buffalostate.edu. Please do not scan the worksheet or submit a photocopied completed form to the Budget Office. 
  13. The Budget Office will review the budget reallocation request from the program area and, unless further review is needed, the budget transfer will be completed within three (3) business days of receipt of the request.



Please e-mail the Budget Office at budgetoffice@buffalostate.edu or call .ext 4312 with any questions.