Doorway in Winter

Developing Leaders within Buffalo State

Buffalo State’s newest leaders are in the making. Leadership development is part of Buffalo State’s strategic directions, which include a commitment to “empower leadership at all levels, promote representative and inclusive governance, and provide superior services to the campus community.”

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Banner to Become System of Record in Late May

The Banner Implementation Project reports that Banner will not become the “official system of record” on March 24 as planned, and that the next implementation window will occur the weekend of May 31–June 1.

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Campus House students

Campus House Serves Up a Round of Success

Campus House director Kathleen O’Brien had admirable but modest goals when the fledgling club opened in 2002. The private social club for faculty, staff, and friends of the college was to double as a teaching lab where hospitality students could learn and practice. But she never dreamed its success would lead to so many other positive outcomes.

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Buffalo State Goes Green

In an effort to make Buffalo State College more environmentally responsible, a group of dedicated staff members launched a sustainability initiative called EVERGREEN in 2004. Proponents today are quick to point out that the movement involves much more than just recycling.

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