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Center for Development of Human Services Recognizes Partnerships

The Center for Development of Human Services, one of the largest human services training organizations in the country, celebrated outstanding collaborations at its annual Faculty and Professional Staff Recognition on Tuesday.

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Dennis K. Ponton, Ph.D., Provost

Provost’s Corner

One of the most important resources of the academy is the curriculum. Collectively, this includes individual courses, major programs, general education, minors, and certificate programs. Both undergraduate and graduate curricula reflect the expertise and focus of members of the faculty and departments, and the mission of the college.

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Volunteer and Service-Learning Center Celebrates Service

Those accustomed to giving selflessly through the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center will, in return, receive recognition. Organizers of the Spring 2008 Celebration of Service will acknowledge outstanding efforts of faculty and students in the areas of service learning, volunteering, and community work-study during a ceremony on April 29 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Butler Library 210.

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Focus on Service Learning: R. Bruce Baum, EXE 245

R. Bruce Baum, professor of exceptional education, made a long-standing class feel new again with support from the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center. Baum’s sections of EXE 245: Community Service with Individuals with Special Needs—a course taught many times during his 35-year tenure at Buffalo State—recently converted to a service-learning format.

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College and Money: Ask the Expert

April is the month for considering financial-aid offers from colleges and universities. This is not a typical year, however. Good news first: the trend toward no-loan packages at top colleges. Now, the bad: an economy in turmoil and more than 55 lenders withdrawing from the system of federally guaranteed student loans. Will there be trouble securing a loan? How do you compare aid packages? What is this thing called need, anyway? Five financial-aid directors—Sarah Clark Donahue of Harvard, Caesar T. Storlazzi of Yale, Kent McGowan of Buffalo State College (State University of New York), Ronald W. Johnson of the University of California, Los Angeles, and Jorge Rodriguez of St. John’s University, in New York City—addressed reader questions, both personal and general.

Security Breach Hits More Area Colleges

The stolen laptop that contained Social Security numbers for 16,000 former and current students at Buffalo State College is causing problems for four other area colleges, as well. Fredonia State, Niagara County Community, Genesee Community, and Jamestown Community colleges are among 13 state schools that had private student information on that laptop.