Construction light

Progress Is Building at Buffalo State

Rubble, orange cones, and bulldozers have been quite visible at Buffalo State in recent months, and there’s plenty more to come. Here’s an overview of progress on current and future construction projects at Buffalo State:

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Student Union Dining Hall

New Resident-Student Dining Facility Opens in Student Union

Students, faculty, and staff can enjoy expanded dining options and menu choices this semester when a new marché, or market, style dining facility opens tomorrow in the space of the old student cafeteria off the main lobby of the Campbell Student Union.

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Student in wheelchair

Disability Services Office Supports Students, Faculty

The phrase “people with disabilities” is part of today’s vernacular. But people with certain types of disabilities—such as learning disabilities—were not recognized even a few decades ago by most of society. Buffalo State, however, has long kept a careful eye on special needs and, in 1989, established the Disability Services Office.

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Donor Day

Buffalo State College Foundation Celebrates Success of Faculty-Staff Appeal

From the Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Buffalo’s summer weather was at its best for this year’s Buffalo State Faculty and Staff Donor Reception on August 21 at the president’s house on Lincoln Parkway.

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In the News


Moving-In Day at Buff State

It’s a warm day to do some heavy lifting before they crack the books. The Class of 2012 at Buffalo State College is moving in Friday. Everything may seem clearer when you’ve got a big mirror.

Lake Ontario Coastal Water under Siege

After the Great Lakes cleanup of the 1970s, pollution levels plummeted, fish began to thrive, and algae receded to a minor annoyance. But three decades after that massive, multibillion-dollar cleanup, the waters of four of the five Great Lakes are once again plagued by smelly, slimy algae (Christopher Pennuto, associate professor of biology, quoted).