music notes“Da Capo” became the newest learning community this semester.

Learning Community Capstone Presentations Celebrate New Beginnings

For the nearly 100 students and faculty members who are part of Buffalo State’s learning communities, today is a capstone. An evening of presentations and performances will convene members of all four learning communities to share their knowledge and experiences throughout the semester.

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student with laptop and cell phone

Alumni Mentors Give Students an Edge

They were once Buffalo State students. Now they have careers. And many are sharing their most valuable asset with current students—their knowledge.

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Focus on Service Learning: Jill Norvilitis, PSY 381

Some aspects of human psychology are universal, according to Jill Norvilitis, associate professor of psychology. However, a person’s culture plays a significant role in shaping certain attitudes and behavior, and in defining which are appropriate.

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Wind turbines

Battle of the Wind Turbines

A quick trip to the local hardware store and students in the technology education program were able to construct a simple alternative energy system that could be used at home to save electricity.

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Burchfield Penney Art Center

The City’s Newest Hot Spot: An Arts Center

Accolades for the Burchfield Penney Art Center continued to roll in as the public got its first look Saturday at the new $33 million museum. Free admission was part of a 31-hour celebration that included music, poetry, dance, film, and lectures—many staged in the state-of-the-art 156-seat theater.

Parent-Teacher Conference Remains Time-Honored Tradition

The parent-teacher conference is a time-honored tradition, and especially with the drastic changes in classrooms over the last two decades, one that schools continue to value (Wendy Paterson, chair and associate professor of elementary education and reading, quoted).

Undoing the Whims of an Earlier You

With today’s laser technology, the healing powers of the human bod, and a skilled cosmetic surgeon—one need not wait till death to part with unwanted body art (Jill Norvilitis, associate professor of psychology, quoted).

Woman Is Immersed in Fashion

‘‘Sweet and Dirty” lives on in the heart of Erin Habes. The 28-year-old fashion sleuth ran the trendy boutique on Elmwood Avenue for three years. And since closing up shop in 2007, Habes joined the faculty at Buffalo State College as an adjunct instructor in the Technology Department.