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Environmental Health and Safety Office Minimizes Pollution, Protects Public

Behind the scenes at Buffalo State, a few watchful eyes are constantly monitoring pollutants and safety issues on campus. Members of the Environmental Health and Safety Office, under the aegis of Campus Services, diligently ensure that the college complies with hundreds of regulations and, at the same time, make the campus more environmentally friendly.

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Standora with panda

Faculty Spotlight: Edward Standora

The panda is the newest addition to the list of animals that Edward A. Standora, professor of biology, has helped scientists understand. Last summer, he spent two weeks in China sharing his experience in biotelemetry with researchers interested in studying panda behavior.

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Graduate and child

Family College Helps Resident Students Balance Studies, Family Life

Being a parent is not easy, but having to manage college classes and parenting at the same time is a feat in itself. College students with children must balance their lives to accommodate both a commitment to higher education and family life.

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Buffalo State Prof ‘Distinguished’

Ann Colley of the Buffalo State College English Department was promoted by the State University of New York Board of Trustees to the rank of Distinguished Professor. She was among just eight people statewide to receive the prestigious honor, which is one of the top designations available to SUNY faculty.

Rediscovering a Romantic Realist

In 1930, Charles Burchfield was the first artist to be honored with a one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art, shortly after its founding. Today, Burchfield isn’t as known as some of his contemporaries—which reflects more on the fickle fashions of the art world than on his impressive body of work. So rediscovering him in—of all places—Los Angeles comes as a special gift.

Pro-Am Orchestra Makes Its Debut

Buffalo’s first college/community orchestra recently made its debut at the Buffalo State College Performing Arts Center. The 75-piece orchestra combines the talents of experienced and amateur musicians who just want to put on a show.