Art Conservation Department

Buffalo State’s Art Conservation Department received the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society’s Daniel B. Niederlander Award for Outstanding Programming at a Western New York historical organization. Department faculty and students lend their time and expertise to conserving the collections of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Buffalo Museum of Science, the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, and the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

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Jane R. Cushman, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Jane R. Cushman, assistant professor, Mathematics, presented the session “Using a Manipulative to Find the Area of a Sector” at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference and Exposition in Boston, Massachusetts, October 21–23. Cushman also assisted associate professors Jodelle Magner and Susan McMillen in the session “P3: Property-Opoly and Other Powerful Preservice Field Experiences.”

Marian Deutschman, Interim Director, College and Community Partnerships

Marian Deutschman, interim director, College and Community Partnerships, presented “Building Community Social Capital: The University’s Role” at the 15th annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 11–13. Deutschman was also a facilitator for another session on bringing communities together.

William Engelbrecht, Professor Emeritus, and Lisa Marie Anselmi, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

William Engelbrecht, professor emeritus, and Lisa Marie Anselmi, assistant professor, Anthropology, published their article “Jack Holland: Pioneer Chert Collector” in the Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences 38: 13–16.

Mark Goldman, Lecturer, History and Social Studies Education

Mark Goldman, lecturer, History and Social Studies Education, received the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society’s Owen B. Augspurger Award on October 26. The award recognizes local historians devoted to the preservation of Erie County’s heritage. In his historical trilogy—City on the Edge: Buffalo, New York, 1900–Present; City on the Lake: The Challenge of Change in Buffalo, New York; and High Hopes: The Rise and Decline of Buffalo, New York—Goldman traces Buffalo’s 100-year journey from its history as one of America’s emerging cities of the nineteenth century to a city facing significant challenges.

Stephen Houseknecht, Lecturer, Fine Arts

Stephen Houseknecht, photography lecturer, Fine Arts, was awarded the Ethel and Wilbur Lytle Memorial Award for his photograph “Stuka,” from his series “It Can’t Happen Here.” Houseknecht was one of 13 award winners at the Buffalo Society of Artists 113th annual fall catalog exhibition. The show is on view through November 15 at the Kenan Center House Gallery in Lockport.

Ramona R. Santa Maria, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems

A paper by Ramona R. Santa Maria, assistant professor, Computer Information Systems, titled “Technology Shifts Equate with New Challenges: Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives, and Classroom Technology Use in Urban Schools,” was published in the International Journal for Technology Knowledge and Society. She recently became associate editor of the journal.

John Thompson, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems

John Thompson, associate professor, Computer Information Systems, published his paper “Three Approaches to Green Computing on Campus” in EDUCAUSE Quarterly magazine 32 (3).

Julie Wieczkowski, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Julie Wieczkowski’s article “Brief Communication: Puncture and Crushing Resistance Scores of Tana River Mangabey (Cercocebus galeritus) Diet Items” was recently published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology 140: 572-577.