Carolyn Guzski, Assistant Professor, Music

Carolyn Guzski, assistant professor, Music, presented the paper “American Ballet at the Metropolitan: Henry F. Gilbert’s The Dance in Place Congo” at the 36th annual conference of the Society for American Music, held in Ottawa, Ontario, March 17–21.

Michael Johnson, Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages

Michael Johnson, associate professor, Modern and Classical Languages, presented a paper, “The Structure of Fellini Satyricon,” at the 31st annual conference of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, in Orlando, Florida, March 17–21.

Joe Marren, Associate Professor, Communication

Joe Marren, associate professor, Communication, had his article “The Business of Segregation in Baseball” published in the Winter 2010 issue of the online quarterly Outside the Lines, a publication of the Business of Baseball Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Lorna Perez, Assistant Professor, English

Lorna Perez, assistant professor, English, presented her paper “Purposeful Silence: Voice and the Space-Between in Ana Castillo’s The Mixquiahuala Letters” at the 41st annual conference of the College English Association, held in San Antonio, Texas, March 25–27.

Ramona R. Santa Maria, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems

Ramona R. Santa Maria, assistant professor, Computer Information Systems, was the keynote speaker at the PHIT 2010: Prentice Hall Information Technology Symposium for Educators, held in Skaneateles, New York, on March 12. The title of her talk was “Using Technology in the Classroom.”

Coralee Smith, Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading

Coralee Smith, associate professor, Elementary Education and Reading, with Katrina Zaleski and Jason Legrett, Elementary Education and Reading undergraduate students, presented two interactive Web-based workshops, “Fly Me to the Moon: Second-Graders Blast Off for an Outta-This-World Experience” and “Get Ready to Soar Out of This World: Solar System Webquest,” at the 58th annual conference of the National Science Teachers Association in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 18–21. The workshops were developed using the undergraduate’s field-based math, science, and technology teaching experiences in a second-grade classroom with Matt Roll, cooperating teacher at West Hertel Academy in Buffalo.

William White, Assistant Professor, Modern and Classical Languages

William White, assistant professor of French and foreign language education, Modern and Classical Languages, published “Engaging the Self in Teacher Education: Critical Self-Narratives and the Creation of Educational Communities” in the peer-reviewed journal Action in Teacher Education 31 (3): 11–18.

Zhang Jie, Professor, Sociology, and Director, Center for China Studies

Zhang Jie, professor, Sociology, and director, Center for China Studies, published his article “Access to Farming Pesticides and Risk for Suicide in Chinese Rural Young People” in Psychiatry Research (in press). The study’s coauthor was Kong Yuanyuan, a Ph.D. student and visiting scholar from China during the 2008–2009 academic year.