Subodh Kumar, Interim Director, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Lab, Great Lakes Center

Subodh Kumar and his research associate Srinivasan Saravanan published their research paper “A Facile Synthesis of 11,12-dimethoxydibenzo[def,p]chrysene, a Preferred Precursor for the Synthesis of the Proximate and Ultimate Carcinogens of Dibenzo[def,p]chrysene (DBC)” in Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 29 (5): 282–288. Dibenzo[def,p]chrysene is one of the most potent environmental carcinogens identified in the environment and cigarette smoke.

Charlotte Roehm, Assistant Professor, Geography and Planning/Great Lakes Center

Charlotte Roehm, assistant professor, Geography and Planning/Great Lakes Center, gave an oral presentation titled “Hydrologic and Nutrient Dynamics in Coastal Regions of the Great Lakes” at the annual New York State Wetlands Forum, held in Buffalo April 28–29.

Deborah Silverman, Assistant Professor, Communication

Deborah Silverman, assistant professor, Communication, is the recipient of two Excalibur Awards from the Buffalo-Niagara chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. She received a Gold Excalibur Award for her article “A Community Comes Together: The Crash of Continental Flight 3407,” published in the national PR journal the Public Relations Strategist, and a Silver Excalibur Award for a conference presentation on the same subject at the 2008 PRSA Northeast District Conference. She will receive the awards at the Excalibur Awards program on June 17 at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens in Depew.

Tao Tang, Associate Professor, Geography and Planning

Tao Tang, associate professor, Geography and Planning, published a paper titled “GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Spatial Analysis of Population Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution in Beijing, China” in the journal Environmental Geosciences 17 (1): 1–16, with several coauthors at the Capital Normal University of China. The paper contains the results of a three-year (2006–2008) field survey and GIS analysis. Tang also published a paper, “Feature Shape and Elevation Based Road Classification and Extraction on High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imageries,” with X. Wang, J. Carbonara, and Z. Shi in IEEE Proceedings: 17th International Conference on Geoinformatics, 2009.