Beth Holleran, Lecturer, and Amitra A. Wall, Associate Professor, Sociology

Beth Holleran, lecturer, and Amitra Wall, associate professor, Sociology, presented a workshop to Buffalo State College students on RaFa classFriday, January 20. The workshop, RaFa RaFa, was designed to illustrate the concepts of culture (values, beliefs, norms, and language), ethnocentrism, culture shock, authority, conformity, and in and out groups. Students, grouped into two societies, were charged with the tasks of learning the rules of their society and of visiting and interacting with members from the other society. After stepping out of their comfort zones, students had an opportunity to debrief and discuss assumptions and ideas that are taken for granted. Student participants included Brittany Aron, Coshele Campbell, Carolyn Drumsta, Teresa Dykeman, Jenny Findel, Skyler Flaherty, Kennieth Frazier, Ryan Glendinning, Diane Hollis, Jessica Lees, Sharne' Lindsey, Marni Lippel, Laura Lott, Cory Martin, Kiara Phelps, Christine Santoro, and Erica Tucker.