‘Inconvenient Truths’ and the 2008 Election: A Town Hall Discussion Series

University College is proud to cosponsor a series of interactive town hall discussions around issues related to the upcoming presidential election. Using the 2008–2010 Academic Theme, “Inconvenient Truths,” University College invites the campus community to explore specific dimensions of issues affecting the presidential race and the potential impact of particular policy platforms advanced by the candidates on these issues.

The town hall meetings will be structured as interactive conversations for the campus community. Each meeting will feature a facilitator/discussant, three student presentations (individuals or groups of students), and one faculty presentation, after which, the floor will be open for conversation.

Faculty and students are invited to submit original pieces rooted in the context of current coursework to be considered for presentation at these discussions. Students can submit works to Twin Rise 100 or by e-mail to univcollege@buffalostate.edu. Student presenters at each session will receive a $100 credit toward next semester’s textbooks at the Barnes & Noble at Buffalo State Bookstore. Students may submit individually or as part of a group, whether the submission is a group project done in class or developed through a student organization.

Faculty who either teach the course for which the project was completed or serve as adviser to the group will receive $250 for travel or supplies. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to submit original works that could be presented at the following discussions:

Contemporary Race Relations: What Do the Candidacies of Barack, Hillary, and Bill Richardson Mean?
Tuesday, October 21
Bengal Pause (12:15–1:30 p.m.)
Bulger Communication Center East

Energy Independence: What Are the Options? How Do We Get There?
Wednesday, October 22
4:30 p.m.
Bulger Communication Center South

Economic Stimulation: What Has to Happen to Make a Difference to Your Wallet?

National Security: What Now in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?