Reminder from the Dean of Students

Charles Kenyon, associate vice president and dean of students, reminds all faculty and staff to work with the Dean of Students Office in keeping our students safe and successful during the 2007–2008 academic year and beyond.

Buffalo State is a community that values each individual, is committed to personal and intellectual growth, provides opportunities for individuals to realize their full potential, and values respect for diversity and individual differences. As such, students should behave in a manner appropriate for life within this college community.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact Charles Kenyon via e-mail, at ext. 4618, or in person in Campbell Student Union 306 if they are concerned about a student’s conduct. Students should care for and about each other—but some unfortunately engage in activities or behaviors that can be damaging to themselves or others. Too often, the consequences of these activities can be tragic. When in doubt about whether behaviors are consistent with the values of our community, please refer to the Code of Student Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities found in the Student Handbook.

Please remember that the Dean of Students Office hopes to aid students through prevention and early intervention rather than punishment. Faculty and students are encouraged to turn to the office for help in creating and maintaining a caring campus community.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep everyone safe at Buffalo State.