Campus Confidentiality Statement

All student, faculty, and staff personal and academic information is private and confidential, and is protected by various state and federal laws. Buffalo State College employees must, by law, protect the privacy of this information.

Failure to protect personal and academic information may result in legal action against offending employees. Employees accused of failure to protect confidential information that results in harm to an individual may not be covered by the Public Officer's Law, and therefore not defended by New York State.

Examples of personal information that must be kept confidential: Social Security number, health information, disability status, etc. Faculty and staff must ensure that information contained on the employee change form is kept confidential.

Examples of academic information that must be kept confidential: grades, class schedule, student ID number, etc. Faculty and staff members may not post test scores or grades using any portion of a student's name, Social Security number, or student ID number. Faculty and staff must refrain from providing students' parents with information related to their student's academic performance or other personal information, unless given permission to do so by the student.

For more information:

State and Federal Laws:

Questions regarding privacy of the employee change form, employee contracts, official employee files, etc.:
Susan Earshen, director, Human Resources, (716) 878-3042

Questions regarding privacy of student information and FERPA:
Mark Bausili, registrar, (716) 878-4907

Questions regarding health information and HIPAA:
Rock Doyle, assistant director, medical systems, (716) 878-6711

Questions regarding legal liability and any legal action against the college or an employee:
James Thor, comptroller, (716) 878-4117