NCATE Board of Examiners’ Visit

From the President
Thank you to the entire campus community for your assistance with the recent National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) visit April 12–16. I am especially grateful to all the stakeholders involved in our education programs, especially the Teacher Education Unit and the NCATE Accreditation Team. NCATE accreditation validates the quality of our educational offerings and ensures continued compliance with professional standards. It is critical as Buffalo State College continues to seek distinction for its innovative approaches to pedagogy and teacher education preparation programs, and as we seek 100 percent accreditation of all eligible academic programs at the institution.

During the visit of the NCATE Board of Examiners, we showcased the strengths of Buffalo State College’s broad range of education programs and received feedback on how we can develop even stronger curricula to enable us to prepare the best possible future educators to positively influence the lives of children. We will receive a report from the Board of Examiners in several weeks that will provide formal assessments of our teacher education programs.

The preparation for the recent NCATE evaluation visit was a comprehensive, collegewide effort involving collaboration among faculty, staff, and community partners. I thank Dr. Ronald Rochon, dean of the School of Education; Dr. Lori Quigley, associate dean of the School of Education; and Dr. Mary Todd, associate professor for the School of Education and accreditation coordinator for Buffalo State’s teacher education programs, for their leadership, as well as all the deans, faculty, and staff in the Teacher Education Unit who assisted with this endeavor.