Changes to 2008 UUP Discretionary Salary Increase Process

From the Vice President for Finance and Management
The process for awarding UUP discretionary awards has been modified by mutual agreement between UUP and the college administration. The discretionary award steps have been streamlined to be less confusing for employees and administrators. We wish to thank Richard Bihr, Bruce Bryski, and Richard Stempniak of UUP for their input and assistance in revising the process.

Information on the UUP discretionary process and deadlines was sent to UUP employees by campus mail on August 27. The same information was sent to home addresses of part-time faculty and employees currently on leave. All discretionary award information and forms can be found on the Human Resource Management Web site.

Please note the following changes in the 2008 process:

  • Employees may self-nominate for a discretionary award by completing a nomination form and submitting it to their department chair, director, associate vice president, or other direct supervisor by September 15, 2008.
  • In order to be eligible to appeal the discretionary decision later in the process, the employee MUST self-nominate by the September 15 deadline. A copy of the nomination form should be sent to the Human Resource Management Office, Cleveland Hall 403, to register the self-nomination by the deadline date.
  • After the initial nomination (whether self-nomination or nomination by the department head), the recommendations will be forwarded through the appropriate approval levels. For employees who have self-nominated, each level should forward the form with a notation “recommend” or “unable to recommend” to the next level.
  • Employees will no longer be notified of the recommendation at each level as had been done in the past. Instead, there will be one opportunity to appeal after the president has made her decisions and sent out letters to employees informing them of their awards. Letters will be sent on October 28, 2008. Those employees who have self-nominated at the beginning of the process may submit an appeal by November 5, 2008. Following a review by the Appeals Board, notification of the appeals decision will be sent by letter on November 17, 2008. Discretionary awards will be paid in the checks dated December 10, 2008.

Please refer to the information on the Human Resource Management Web site for more detailed information on the process. If you have questions regarding the UUP discretionary process, please call Susan Earshen, associate vice president for human resource management, at 878-3042.