Response to Revised College Senate Resolution

From the President
The following revised response to the College Senate Resolution incorporates General Education requirements and replaces the response that appeared in the October 30, 2008, issue of the Bulletin:

At its October 10, 2008, meeting, the College Senate voted to approve and forward to the president as a recommendation for review and action the following motion:

Motion to Remove the ‘Double-Dipping’ Restriction in the Intellectual Foundations Program and other General Education Requirements

WHEREAS, limitations on students’ ability to “double‐dip” requirements between certain Intellectual Foundations other General Education categories and their majors present graduation difficulties for students in some majors; and

WHEREAS, the goal of breadth in students’ education can be substantively achieved with a less restrictive policy,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Intellectual Foundations resolution, as amended, be changed from the current language:

“Double Dipping”: Each student may select one course from the Cognate Foundations or American History or Civilizations areas (up to 4 credits total) in her or his major to fulfill both a major requirement and an Intellectual Foundations requirement.


Each student may use courses to fulfill both major requirements and Intellectual Foundations requirements, or those of other General Education categories.

I hereby accept the recommendation of the College Senate and approve the amendments to the language in the Intellectual Foundations and other General Education requirements as outlined above. I charge the provost with the responsibility of implementing the change in language in all appropriate college documents and to communicate this to students, faculty, and staff.