2008–2009 Internal Control Summary and Certification

From the Vice President for Finance and Management
Buffalo State met annual certification requirements by submitting its 2008–2009 Internal Control Summary and Certification to SUNY on March 27, 2009. This is a critical submission for the college in two ways. Not only does the annual certification process attest to a year’s worth of internal control activities and reviews at the college, but also the acceptance of the college’s certification by SUNY System Administration is a significant component in continued flexibility for procurement operations at the entire campus.

This past year has been an extraordinary one for internal controls at the college. The renewed focus on the Internal Control Program has been an investment for many individuals, and Buffalo State is a stronger and better organization as a result. As a member of the Buffalo State College community, you are aware that strong internal controls are everyone’s responsibility. We look forward to the continued emphasis on good internal controls as an organization and value your efforts toward this end.

A copy of the campus submission documents is available on the Buffalo State Web site. At this time, staff in SUNY System Administration are reviewing campus submissions and preparing a SUNY-wide response for its report to New York State. We anticipate acceptance of our campus submission without issues of substance. I encourage your review of Buffalo State’s certification package and welcome any questions you may have.