Critique and Evaluation Period Spring 2009

From the Provost
Critique and Evaluation Period (CEP) for spring 2009 will take place on Monday, May 11; Tuesday, May 12; Wednesday, May 13; and Thursday, May 14. A study day will be held on Friday, May 8.

The purpose of CEP is to provide a single class meeting during which faculty and students have an extended period of uninterrupted time to conduct appropriate end-of-course activities. CEP is designed for classes that meet more than once a week during the semester. Classes (evening or day) that meet only once a week have sufficient time for final evaluation; therefore, they follow their regular schedules (exams to be scheduled during CEP week and not before).

The following regulations govern CEP:

  • A study day will occur the weekday immediately prior to the start of CEP. Evening classes that meet only once a week will not have a study day.
  • All instructors are expected to meet their classes at the scheduled time during CEP and to choose an appropriate activity that reflects the academic goals of the course and the intent of CEP (e.g., an exam, a review, critique of papers, course summation, or individual presentations or demonstrations).
  • Instructors should not schedule a final exam prior to CEP. Instructors may not change the date and time of their final class periods during CEP. In case of emergencies, instructors should confer with their appropriate dean and notify University College.
  • CEPs will be scheduled for one-hour-and-50-minute periods. Instructors are not to increase or decrease the scheduled CEP time.
  • In case of an emergency that would close the school, CEPs scheduled for the time of the closing will be rescheduled on the emergency CEP day only.
  • Faculty members must post office hours during which they will be available to meet with students during CEP week.