New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) Dependent Eligibility Verification Project

From the Vice President for Finance and Management

Important Notice to All Health Insurance Enrollees with Family Coverage
Employees who had NYSHIP family coverage as of February 1, 2009, should have received information sent to their homes this spring by the New York State Department of Civil Service (Employee Benefits Division) and Budco Health Service Solutions to verify eligibility of all dependents on their plan as of February 1, 2009.

It is very important that employees immediately read all the materials they received and follow the instructions by the stated deadlines. Failure to promptly document the eligibility of all dependents may result in loss of the dependent(s) coverage, and employees may be responsible for repaying all claims paid under NYSHIP.

This is an independent audit being conducted by Budco Health Service Solutions on behalf of the New York State Department of Civil Service. The Employee Benefits Office is unable to participate in this audit. All questions concerning this project and the materials received must be directed to Budco at (888) 358-2196. More information about the project is available on the NYSHIP Web site.