Curricular Items

From the Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee


Advanced to Curriculum Committee
The following has been received in the College Senate Office and forwarded to the Senate Curriculum Committee for review and approval:

New Course:
CRJ 440 Drugs, Crime, and Drug Policy. Prerequisites: CRJ 101 and CWP 102. The nature and impact of drug abuse in America and the relationship to criminal behavior. The historical and ideological foundations of national drug-control policy as well as contemporary control and intervention strategies.


Advanced to President
The following have been approved by the Senate Curriculum Committee and forwarded to the president for review and approval:

New Program:
Minor in Philosophy

New Courses:
CHE 570 Biochemical Principles I
FLE 240 Introduction to Linguistics

FLE 340 Second Language Acquisition and Literacy

New Course and Intellectual Foundations Designation:
MCL 100 Italian Cinema I (in English)

Course Revisions:
FLE 300 Introduction to the Foreign Language Classroom
FLE 401 Teaching Foreign Language in Middle and High Schools


Correction: July 16, 2009
The original version of this announcement, published May 21, incorrectly recorded FLE 340 as a Course Revision.