Response to College Senate Resolution on Academic Clemency

From the President
At its May 15, 2009, meeting, the College Senate approved the recommendation on academic clemency brought forward by the Standards for Students Committee, and forwarded the following resolution to the president for review and approval:

WHEREAS, a five-year waiting period for clemency is longer than the majority of our peers; and

WHEREAS, the benefit of clemency should be applied only to students who actually register for classes to continue their studies at the college,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the following revisions be incorporated into the policy on academic clemency:

Academic Clemency (2007–2009 Undergraduate Catalog, p. 25; new language appears in boldface type)

Any student with a Buffalo State GPA of less than 2.0 is eligible to apply for academic clemency when he or she applies for readmission to the college through the Admissions Office. The student’s last semester of enrollment must have been at least three (was five) years prior to the application for admission. Students can request clemency for up to two consecutive semesters of work or 30 consecutive credit hours if earned on a part-time basis. These two semesters or 30 hours are to be determined by the student in consultation with appropriate offices (dean, Educational Opportunity Program, etc.). A decision of clemency includes all coursework taken within those one or two semesters at Buffalo State; it is not selectively applied. As a result, the student forfeits all coursework during these two semesters and any remaining credit hours at the time of clemency must result in a 2.0 GPA or greater. Any mathematics or English competency requirements fulfilled during the clemency period will still be recognized. However, any credit hours associated with these requirements will be removed and must be replaced with other coursework. Clemency is applied only after a student has registered for an upcoming semester (sentence added).

I hereby accept the recommendation of the College Senate to revise the language in the policy for academic clemency as indicated above. I authorize the provost to implement the language changes, effective immediately, and to notify appropriate college personnel of the new language.