Internal Control Program at Buffalo State College

From the Interim President

To All Faculty and Staff:
As an agency of New York State, Buffalo State is required to fulfill the mandates of the New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit, and Internal Control Act of 1999. This legislation requires all state agencies to establish a system of internal controls designed to minimize the possibility of loss of assets, operational failure, or violation of law.

Internal control, or an internal control system, integrates activities, plans, attitudes, policies, and the efforts of those within the organization working together, to provide reasonable assurance that the organization will achieve its mission, goals, and objectives. Essentially, the Internal Control Program at Buffalo State is a program of review designed to ensure that our internal control system is adequate and functioning effectively.

The objectives of Buffalo State’s Internal Control Program are:

  • Successful achievement of the college’s mission.
  • Accurate recording, preservation, and reporting of institutional data.
  • Efficient and effective use of program resources.
  • Appropriate safeguarding and authorized use of assets.
  • College compliance with laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines.

The college’s Internal Control Program can function only with the cooperation and involvement of all employees. Competence and professional integrity are essential components of a sound internal control program. I consider an effective internal control system to be a high priority and ask that you cooperate fully in this endeavor. Working together, I know that we can continue to foster an environment conducive to accomplishing the college’s mission, goals, and objectives.

Buffalo State’s Internal Control Program is guided by an Internal Control Steering Committee whose members bring executive and organizational expertise to the program. If you are contacted by the committee, please keep in the mind the significance of this program. We appreciate your support.

If you have questions regarding the Internal Control Program, please contact Rebecca Schenk, director of budget and internal controls, at (716) 878-4312.