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Colley Appointed Distinguished Professor

The State University of New York Board of Trustees has approved the appointment of Ann C. Colley, professor of English, to the rank of SUNY Distinguished Professor. Distinguished professorships and librarian professorships constitute the highest rank bestowed on SUNY instructional faculty.

Ann C. Colley“It is wonderful to see SUNY honoring a teacher and scholar whose brilliance is surpassed only by her profound dedication to her work,” said Interim President Dennis K. Ponton. “Ann Colley is truly a distinguished professor, and I am delighted that she is being officially recognized as such. This distinction is a great honor for Professor Colley and for Buffalo State.”

Colley is a leading scholar of the Victorian period and the author of five groundbreaking and highly acclaimed books published by academic presses in the United States and England. One of her books was nominated for three awards. Chapters, articles, and editorships have also been part of her scholarly profile, as well as serving as chair of the Modern Language Association’s Executive Committee for the Victorian Period.

Because of her stature in the field of Victorian studies, Colley was invited to write the 2007–2008 review of nineteenth-century studies for the prestigious Studies in English Literature, a scholarly endeavor encompassing more than 250 books. She is continually requested for keynote speaking engagements at conferences and has delivered many papers at academic gatherings in the United States and abroad. She was a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Poland and the Ukraine. In addition to being a respected and engaged scholar, she is known for her encouragement of junior faculty.

“Dr. Colley is legendary in her chosen area of study, as well as in her classroom and on the Buffalo State campus,” said Arts and Humanities Dean Benjamin J. Christy. “Because of her knowledge and passion for the subject, Dr. Colley leaves a lasting impression on all those who enter her classroom or even have a chance encounter. Suddenly, the Victorian period is alive and relevant.”

The Distinguished Professorship is conferred upon individuals at SUNY’s state-operated campuses who have achieved national or international prominence and a distinguished reputation within the individual’s chosen field. This distinction is attained through significant contributions to the research literature or through artistic performance or achievement in the fine and performing arts. The candidates’ work must be of such character that the individuals’ presence will elevate the standards of scholarship of colleagues both within and beyond the individual’s academic field. It must also be of such quality that students and scholars on other SUNY campuses could and do benefit by lectures and seminars, or other appropriate presentations the faculty members might bring to them. Appointment constitutes a promotion to the SUNY’s highest academic rank and is conferred solely by the SUNY Board of Trustees. The expectation is that individuals so appointed will be accorded such support as is appropriate to the individual’s academic endeavor, consistent with the resources of the campus, including a salary above the mean salary for full professors.

“Dr. Colley’s academic, research, and teaching accomplishments manifest the promise of higher education,” said Interim Provost Kevin Railey. “We congratulate her and all SUNY distinguished professors for their achievements and contributions.”