Curricular Items

From the Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee

MED 407 and PSC 340 were incorrectly listed as both IF and WAC designations in the March 4 issue of the Bulletin. MED 407 and PSC 340 are Intellectual Foundations courses only, not Writing Across the Curriculum designations. Only PSC 470W has both IF and WAC designations.

Advanced to the Senate Curriculum Committee
The following have been received in the College Senate Office and forwarded to the Senate Curriculum Committee for review and approval:

Program Revisions:
M.S.Ed. Early Childhood Special Education
(6340), EXC MSED-ED
M.S.Ed. Childhood Special Education
(6341), XCE MSED-ED
M.S.Ed. Adolescence Special Education
(6342), EXA MSED-ED
Minor in Mathematics
(1718), MAT

New Courses:
MST 621 Museum Registration Methods.
Prerequisite: Museum studies graduate student status or instructor permission. Daily challenges and excitement of working with priceless art, history, and natural history collections. Wide scope of museum registration practices, including policy development, legal aspects, technologies, and how registrars must accommodate the sometimes conflicting museum mandates of collection access and accountability.

MST 623 Digital Museum Collections. Prerequisite: Museum studies graduate student status or instructor permission. Survey and practice of how museums utilize new technologies to transform internal practices and communication with varied audiences through access to collections, exhibitions, and public programs. Benefits, risks, and case studies of presenting museum collections; what the future holds for the digital museum.

PAD 502 Administrative Law. Prerequisite: 6 credits of PAD graduate courses or instructor permission. Selected topics in administrative law examined and analyzed in depth.

PAD 689 Research Methods in Public Administration. Prerequisite: Graduate status. Design, execution, and interpretation of research for public and nonprofit managers. Quantitative and qualitative research methods, constructing and testing hypotheses, data collection and analysis, use of SPSS, ethical consequences of social science research, preparing a research report.

PAD 699 Data Analysis and Presentation. Prerequisite: PAD 689 or instructor permission. Preparation for advanced research and data analysis in public administration and nonprofit management.

THA 107 Theater Performance for Non-majors. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Participation in the rehearsal and performance of a Buffalo State College Theater Department production.

New Course and Intellectual Foundations Designation:
FLE 201-T Introduction to Technology in Foreign Language Education.
Prerequisite: Official enrollment in French or Spanish foreign language education program. Introduction to the uses and limitations of technology in language instruction with particular emphasis on the principled use of computer-assisted instruction, situated within standards- and research-based language pedagogy.

HIS 445 History of Women and Gender in the Middle East.
Prerequisite: Upper-division status or instructor permission. History of women and gender in the Middle East from Muhammad to present. Women and gender in the formation of Islam, medieval caliphates, and Islamic empires. Historical role of modernization, colonization on early Middle Eastern feminist movements. The end of empires and influence of nation-building on social relations.

Course Revision:
ENG 452 Studies in Drama.
Prerequisites: ENG 190 and 3 hours of literature, or instructor permission. A particular aspect of drama or theater history: a theme, period, genre, philosophy, concept, or movement in British, American, or world literature. May be taken for credit more than once when content varies.

Course Revision and Intellectual Foundations Designation:
EDU 404 Practicum in Elementary Teaching for Exceptional Education and Middle School Ext Students.
Prerequisites: Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5; minimum grade of C in teaching methods courses (EDU 310, EDU 311, and EDU 312). For elementary education teacher candidates seeking certification in childhood/exceptional education, or childhood with a middle school extension, this is the childhood teaching experience which takes place five full days a week for approximately seven consecutive weeks. Teacher candidates are required to effectively demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical preparation, instructional delivery, classroom management, knowledge of student development, collaboration with school professionals, and reflective practice.


Advanced to the Interim President
The following has been approved by the Senate Curriculum Committee and forwarded to the interim president for review and approval:

New Course:
PSC 308 International Organizations and International Law