Curricular Actions

From the Interim President
I have approved the following curricular items, which have been recommended by the appropriate dean, the College Senate, and the interim provost:

Program Revisions:
M.S.Ed. Early Childhood Special Education
(6340), EXC MSED-ED
M.S.Ed. Childhood Special Education
(6341), XCE MSED-ED
M.S.Ed. Adolescence Special Education
(6342), EXA MSED-ED

New Courses:
PAD 689 Research Methods in Public Administration
PAD 699 Data Analysis and Presentation
PAD 735 Management Practices in Public and Nonprofit Sectors
PSC 342 Russian Politics

Course Revision:
PSC 317 U.S. Constitutional Law: Power, Institutions, and Accountability

Course Revisions and Intellectual Foundations Designations:
AAS 100 Introduction to Africana Studies

MED 408 Student Teaching of Mathematics in High School