Curricular Items

From the Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee

Curricular Submissions
Schools that wish to submit courses and programs for fall 2010 review may submit during summer 2010. The receipt of these courses by the College Senate Office will be recorded in summer issues of the Bulletin.

Advanced to the Senate Curriculum Committee
The following have been approved by the Senate Curriculum Committee and forwarded to the interim president for review and approval:

Program Revisions:
B.A. Political Science
(0722), BA-NS-PSC
Minor in Art Therapy
(1006), ATH

New Courses:
DMP 221 Introduction to Sound Recording and Reinforcement
DMP 350 Electronic Music Composition I
EDU 646 Literacy Leadership
MUS 349 West African Drumming Ensemble
MUS 625 Curriculum and Assessment
MUS 640 Research Methods in Music Education

New Course and Intellectual Foundations Designation:
MUS 290 Philharmonia Orchestra

Course Revisions:
DMP 321 Recording Techniques
EDU 535 Teaching Writing B–12
EDU 643 Teaching Strategies for Students with Reading Difficulties
EDU 647 Practicum in Reading

Course Revisions and Intellectual Foundations Designations:
EDU 404 Practicum in Elementary Teaching for Exceptional Education and Middle School Ext Students
THA 350 Directing I