Curricular Actions

From the Interim President
I have approved the following curricular items, which have been recommended by the appropriate dean, the College Senate, and the interim provost:

Program Revisions:
B.A. Political Science
(0722), BA-NS-PSC
B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology
(0832), BS-SP-MET
Minor in Art Therapy
(1006), ATH

New Courses:
DMP 221 Introduction to Sound Recording and Reinforcement
DMP 350 Electronic Music Composition I
EDU 646 Literacy Leadership
MUS 349 West African Drumming Ensemble
MUS 625 Curriculum and Assessment
MUS 640 Research Methods in Music Education

New Course and Intellectual Foundations Designation:
MUS 290 Philharmonia Orchestra

Course Revisions:
DMP 321 Recording Techniques
EDU 535 Teaching Writing B–12
EDU 643 Teaching Strategies for Students with Reading Difficulties
EDU 647 Practicum in Reading

Course Revisions and Intellectual Foundations Designations:
EDU 404 Practicum in Elementary Teaching for Exceptional Education and Middle School Ext Students
THA 350 Directing I