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From the Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee
The following has been received in the College Senate Office and forwarded to the Senate Curriculum Committee for immediate review:

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New Course:

EDU 650 Literacy Theory and Research.
Prerequisite: EDU 643. Corequisites: EDU 647 and EDU 655. Overview of literacy-related theories and models and their impact on practice and research. Discussion of recent research and seminal pieces in the field of literacy. Introduction to research designs and methods related to literacy education. Prepares literacy specialist candidates to analyze, evaluate, and critique research.


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New Course:
FTT 414 Virtual Fashion

Course Revisions:
ENG 418 The British Novel, 1800–1900
ENG 441 The Romantic Movement in American Literature
ENG 451 Studies in Fiction

Course Revision and Intellectual Foundations Designation:

ENG 230 Comparative Literature