Reminder: Daily-Bulletin Merger

From the Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Following the completion of the readership survey in May, the College Relations Office continues to work toward merging the Daily and the Bulletin.

The Daily Bulletin, delivered via e-mail and posted to the Web, will provide faculty and staff with a centralized source for important information each day. In addition to serving as the college’s official source for policy, personnel, and curricular matters, the Daily Bulletin will feature campus news and events, faculty achievements, and “Today’s Messages” submitted by the campus community.

To assist Daily Bulletin readers, some sections will be tied to a particular day of the week. Curricular items and actions will continue to appear on Thursdays, while faculty achievements will run on Wednesdays.

As this week’s issue of the Bulletin concludes the 2009–2010 publication schedule, the Daily will serve as the college’s official communication vehicle until the Daily Bulletin is launched this fall.