Singing Vietnam

Singing Vietnam

Lydia Fish, folklorist and professor of anthropology, made an essential contribution to the forthcoming CD box set, Next Stop Is Vietnam 1961–2008. From her personal archives, Fish contributed recordings of music made, not by the big-name musicians of the Vietnam era, but by the soldiers and civilians who were actually serving in Southeast Asia.

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Three lessons for BP from the Exxon Valdez spill

Three Lessons for BP from the Exxon Valdez Spill

Up until the catastrophic Gulf oil spill in April, BP had done a pretty good job of presenting itself as the eco-friendliest big oil company around. But the firm is now in a public relations freefall, unable to separate its image from the screaming daily headlines detailing failure after failure. (Ron Smith, professor and chair of communication, quoted)

Clay Olympics Turn Artists into Competitors

The artwork created in the basement ceramic studio at Buffalo State College last month wasn’t for keeps. Clay mugs were crushed almost as soon as they were created. Towering coil spires were smashed after they were measured. And creative statues returned to blocks of gray clay, as more than 40 artists from five area high schools—Lewiston-Porter, Kenmore East, Pioneer, Lancaster, and Niagara Falls—competed in the 12th annual “Clay Olympics” in May.