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A Place With History

One of the college's five original buildings, Campus House was home to three Buffalo State presidents and their families until 1969: Harry W. Rockwell, Harvey M. Rice, and Paul G. Bulger. For the next 30 years, the building served as administrative office space.

Construction began in 2000 to renovate the structure into a state-of-the-art teaching lab for the Hospitality and Tourism Department and social club for the Buffalo State community. Campus House opened in 2002.

Campus House Timeline

Construction completed in 1930; one of the campus's five original buildings.

Residence for three former presidents and their families
- Harry W. Rockwell, 1931-1951
- Harvey M. Rice, 1951-1958
- Paul G. Bulger, 1959-1966

Faculty lounge

Alumni and placement offices

Faculty Student Association and dining services

Campus House opens as a lab for two major Hospitality and Tourism courses: HTR 300 and 480

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Campus House
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