Cleaning frequencies:

*Public restrooms - five days/week
*Waste containers - once/week (offices) and five days/week (public areas)
*Classrooms - once/week
*Floors (public areas) washed & waxed annually, scrubbed/stripped and re-coated as conditions warrant

Toner spills – To prevent permanent stains, please allow us to assist you with this type of spill. Improper cleaning procedures can cause permanent damage. Please call ext. 6111.

For information regarding services for a specific area or space type, please call the Custodial Services office at 878-6123 or Customer Service at 878-6111 or online at

Please Note: Requests for tasks outside of routine functions (e.g., special events, shampooing carpets, stripping/waxing floors, general or restorative cleaning of areas) require at least two weeks advance notice.