The Mail Room has adopted the following new procedures for bulk-mailing:

  1. All bulk-mail requests must be e-mailed to John Prentice, mail room supervisor.

  2. All e-mail requests require the following information:
    >> Department name
    >> Department account number
    >> Number of pieces
    >> Number of containers
    >> Exact location of pickup (building and room number)
    >> Date of requested pickup (at least one day’s notice is required)
    >> Mail service being used (e.g., Mail Masters or other service)
    >> Any special instructions (e.g., apply labels, sort, etc.)

  3. All 3602 bulk mail forms from any outside vender must be signed in person by the Mail Room supervisor. Faxed/emailed copies of signatures will not be accepted by the U.S. Post office—original signatures are required.

  4. Further bulk-mail changes are pending. If and when instructions vary, the campus community will be notified.