All items to be moved must be labeled to reflect their final destination.

Vertical and Lateral File Cabinets) desks and credenzas usually can be moved with drawers full and left in the cabinets, except when moved from building to building or from floor to floor in a building without an elevator. The cabinet drawers must be emptied and boxed separately.  Boxes can be purchased from any office supply vendor.

Secretarial desks can usually be moved with the wings attached. 

Moving Due to Carpet Installation
Once carpet installation has been scheduled through the purchasing department, contact Customer Service, ext. 6111 or online at to schedule labor services. Usually office equipment is moved the day before carpet is to be installed and put back one (1) to two (2) days after installation. This ensures proper setting time for the carpet glue.

Movement into Newly Constucted or refurbished Areas

Equipment to be placed in newly constructed or refurbished areas will not be moved into a
facility prior to its completion or refurbishment.

Items Attached to the Building Structure

Once items have been removed from the building structure, Labor Services will relocate them.

Movement of Oversized or Unusually Heavy Items

Offices requesting the movement of shop/industrial equipment, safes, etc. should arrange for such movement via an outside vendor.  Offices can contact the Labor Services supervisor, ext. 6111, to evaluate the movement of such goods.


As pianos require special equipment to move, are unusually susceptible to damage and require tuning after every move, Labor Services does not provide piano moving services.  Departments requesting piano moves should contact outside vendors for this service.

Off-Campus Moves
Requests for off-campus movement of goods can be made by contacting Customer Service, Clinton Center room 106, ext. 6111,or online at
Computer Equipment

Computer equipment is moved by Campus Services, but installed / re-installed by Computing Services