To have mail metered, please:
  1. Include department or individual name in return address. Without it, mail will be returned.

  2. Include a completed blue meter slip with department account number, department name, and signature. If special handling is required, please indicate this on the meter slip.

  3. Seal all manila envelopes and over-stuffed envelopes before sending to the Mail Room.

  4. Overlap the flaps of business-size envelopes, and make sure they are all facing in the same direction.

  5. Separate international mail from domestic mail. Also, please separate Canadian mail (postage is different).

  6. If enclosed mail includes a staple or paperclip, please make sure it is not in the upper right corner, where the meter will affix postage. Staples and paper clips damage the meter machine.

  7. Do not mix pre-stamped envelopes or interoffice mail with mail to be metered. Please make sure the blue meter slip is attached to the mail, either with a paperclip or a rubber band.

  8. Cover all nonprofit organization permits on letters or manila envelopes with a blank label before sending to the Mail Room. These envelopes cannot be processed in the meter machine unless permits are covered. Mail with uncovered nonprofit permits will be returned.

  9. Please inform the Mail Room before any large mailing. We can bring a cart to your location. This is much easier on the drivers.